Mauna Kea Beckons in 2014

If you’ve been looking for reasons to visit Hawaii, and the spectacular courses at Mauna Kea, why not consider visiting on their 50th anniversary?  There are several reasons to consider the destination this year:

The 41st Annual Mauna Kea Pro-Am will be held in December.  This 54-hole event is specially designed for a team of 3, traveling with a pro.  For more, click this link.

For the avid player, look no farther than the Stay and Play package, offering 4 rounds of golf, two at Mauna Kea, two at Hapuna.

Their Prince Spring Into Summer package is designed for those who have time May through September.  There’s a 4th night free and a $300 resort credit built into the program.

More information is available online.

The Ocean Course: Challenging Moments, Memorable Victories [Video]

Since its construction by Pete and Alice Dye in 1989-1991, The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island Golf Resort has hosted iconic championships, indelibly engraving its reputation as one of the world’s greatest golf courses. From the epic “War by the Shore” Ryder Cup to Rory McIlroy’s triumph at the 2012 PGA Championship, experience The Ocean Course’s storied tournament history.

See the video here:


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